Energy data and research organizations

International Energy Agency

Global energy data, analysis, reports, and commentaryRelevant Reports: World Energy Outlook

Carbon Brief

Articles, analysis, reports, and commentaryRelevant Reports: Carbon Briefs: Energy

Initiative for Energy Justice

Policy analysis, reports, blogs, commentary focused on energy justice

Energy Equity Project

Energy justice and equity framework, reports, data

Global Energy Monitor

Comprehensive global energy data, organized by energy type


Open source global energy data, maps

Electricity Maps

Historic and realtime data on carbon intensity of electricity; discounts available for researchers

United Nations Energy

Energy data, analysis, reports, news, intergovernmental agreements

World Bank Energy

Energy data, reports, blogs, analysis, featured projects

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Energy data, reports, statistics Relevant Reports: Annual Energy Outlook USA International Energy Outlook

U.S. Department of Energy Open Energy Data

Open source data on U.S. energy

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Energy data, reports, statistics, tools, jobs in the U.S.

Regulatory Assistance Project

Energy data, reports, policy analysis, blogs on global energy policy

U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Energy data, reports, analysis of U.S. energy sector

United States Energy Association

Energy data, reports, analysis of U.S. energy sectorRelevant Reports: USEA Annual Report