EESG Powershift Award

  • Description: The objective of this award is to support energy geographers at any stage of their career (e.g. student, professor, instructor, activist) who demonstrate a normative commitment to social justice and engage in public scholarship that includes energy or climate-related community-based projects that seek to empower marginalized groups in any geographic location that are disproportionately vulnerable to climate or energy injustices. Ideally, the awardee will engage in emancipatory work that leads to what we broadly define as a powershift that equitably transforms a social system.

  • Award: $500, all of which is intended to be spent to sustain an ongoing project or launch a new project. Once disbursed, funds must be used on the project within one year. Awardees will be required to present their project at one of the following: 1) AAG Annual Meeting; 2) EESG conference; 3) EESG seminar series

  • Criteria: Applicants to this award must demonstrate prior and ongoing commitment to implementing emancipatory solutions to the targeted problem. Examples of prior and ongoing commitment can include (but not limited to) scholarship, activism, policy-making, advocacy, innovation, et cetera. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate how their project attempts to alter power relations and structures that (re)produce energy and environmental injustices. Ideally, applicants will understand problems and approach solutions intersectionally and inclusively. Eligible candidates must be a current member of AAG and EESG at the time of application or become an EESG member upon or prior to receipt of the award. To apply for the award or nominate someone, please fill out this Google form.

  • Applications and Nominations: Submit the following documents in one .pdf document: 1) Nomination Letter (300-500 words); 2) Project Description (1000 words); 3) current CV or resume. The Project Description must include the following components: title page, narrative, budget, timeline, conceptual and/or applied significance to the field of energy geography, broader impacts.

      • Questions? Reach out to EESG Secretary, Arica Crootof (

      • Due Date: Friday, February 3rd at 11:59 PM Pacific Time

      • If you cannot access the below form, please visit: this link

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