The EESG is proud to sponsor five awards:

1. Earl Cook Award for Best Student Paper

2. EESG Dissertation Data & Field Work Award

  • Students are invited to submit applications for the EESG Dissertation Data & Field Work Award. A maximum of two awards of up to $500 each will be granted annually. Proposals are due March 1st 2021, and should be submitted to EESG Secretaries Dr. Gabriel Granco or Dr. Thomas Ptak,

  • For more details, please click here.

3. EESG AAG Student Travel Awards

  • This award will not be offered in 2021 as the AAG meeting will be held virtually. When the meetings resume in-person activities, the award will be offered again.

4. Professional Geographer Award

  • The award will be given based on a review of published papers in peer reviewed journals, which will be nominated for consideration by the EESG community. Please send to nominations to Dr. Anthony Levenda ( by February 15th 2021. Please include the following in your nomination:

        • A PDF copy of the paper

        • A brief paragraph explaining why you are nominating the paper with reference to the criteria outlined above

  • For more details, please click here.

5. New Award! Advancing Diversity and Inclusion Award

  • The objective of this award is to advance diversity and promote inclusion and interest in the field of Energy Geography. Nominations and applications should be sent to Dr. Anthony Levenda ( by March 1st, 2021.

        • To apply or nominate someone for the award, simply include the following details of the individual: complete name, contact email address, and a short nomination statement. The nomination statement should be 100-250 words that describe how you (or the individual nominated) would contribute to the inclusion and increased representation of underrepresented groups within the EESG and detail your/their (proposed) contributions to energy geographies.

  • For more details, please click here.

6. Luten Award

  • This award is given for outstanding lifetime achievement in advancing energy geography research, on an ad hoc basis based on the recommendation of the EESG community and leadership.