EESG Dissertation Data and Fieldwork Award

Students are invited to submit applications for the EESG Dissertation Data & Field Work Award. A maximum of two awards of up to $300 each will be granted annually, subject to approval by the EESG Awards Committee. The principal objective of the award is to defray travel or data acquisition expenses related to ongoing or future dissertation research activities.

The award will be oriented primarily to those without other substantial funding. Eligible candidates must be members of the AAG EESG at the time of submission. 

Proposals should be delivered in a single PDF or Word document and should include:

Proposals should be submitted using the below form or using this link. Incomplete applications or applications arriving after the announced closing date will not be considered. Notification of the results will be made as soon as possible. The results will be announced in the EESG Business Meeting at the AAG Annual Conference. Attendance at the conference is not a condition of this award. 

Award Deadline: February 25th, 2024 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time 

After funds have been distributed, awardees will be asked to provide information (e.g., narratives, photos, Tweets) from their fieldwork experiences to help publicize the award.

Questions? Please contact the EESG Secretary/Treasurer Arica Crootof (

Current Winners:

2024: Juan Felipe Riano Landazabal, "Harvesting Energy in Times of Peace: Coping with Bioenergy's Geographies in Post-Conflict Colombia" University of California Los Angeles 

Past Winners:

2023: Mehrnush Golriz, "Lithium Governance and Lawscapes in Chile's Atacama Salt Flats" University of California Los Angeles 

2022: Caroline Griffith, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Erik Post, University of British Columbia; and Adam Gallaher, University of Connecticut

2021: Saumya Vaishnava, "An island entire of itself: infrastructure, imaginaries, and the making of Mumbai’s electricity grid," Penn State University, 

Elena Louder, "Renewing Injustice? A multi-scalar examination of solar energy development in Chile’s Atacama Desert," University of Arizona

2020: Sara Peterson, University of Buffalo; and Andrea Furnaro, University of California, Los Angeles

2019: James Rhatigan, University of British Columbia; and Saumya Vaishnava, Pennsylvania State University

2018: Arica Crootof, University of Arizona; and Marissa Bell, University of Buffalo

2017: Tyler Harlan, University of California, Los Angeles; and Trey Murphy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill