Meet the EESG Team

Ryan Stock, PhD

Northern Michigan University Term 2024 - 2026

Tiffany Grobelski, PhD

Gustavus Adolphus CollegeTerm 2024 - 2026

Danya Al-Saleh, PhD

University of WashingtonTerm 2024 - 2026

Nikki Luke, PhD

University of Tennessee, KnoxvilleTerm 2024 - 2026

Maddy Kroot

Clark University 

Owen Harrington

Penn State

Board of Advisors

Marissa Bell, PhD

United States Department of EnergyTerm 2023 - 2025

Sean Kennedy, PhD

University of Illinois Urbana- ChampaignTerm 2023 - 2025

Edgar Virgüez, PhD

Stanford UniversityTerm 2023 - 2025

Carelle Mang-Benza, PhD

Cooperation CanadaTerm 2023 - 2025

The Energy and Environment Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers (AAG) is an academic community working to advance communication and interaction among geographers and other scholars involved in energy and environmental issues, to enhance contributions of geographers to energy and environmental research, and assist in developing related educational curricula.

Established in Philadelphia in 1979 by geographers Martin J. Pasqualetti of Arizona State University and Jerome E. Dobson then at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the EESG represents on average 400 AAG members with interest and expertise in the study and teaching of energy and environmental issues from spatial perspectives and positions.

Each year the EESG organizes formal paper sessions and panel discussions at the annual meeting of the AAG on the themes of energy, environment, or their combined study. The EESG sponsors paper competitions for both students and professionals, and facilitates information sharing amongst its members. Membership is welcomed from the full range of perspectives, methods, and research interests represented amongst geographers studying energy systems and their social and environmental dimensions.

Current Chair: 

Ryan Stock, Northern Michigan University

Past Chairs: 

2022-2024 Tom Ptak, Texas State University2019-2022 Anthony Levenda, Evergreen State College2017-2019 Jordan Howell, Rowan University2015-2017 Jenn Baka, Pennsylvania State University2013-2015 Elvin Delgado, Central Washington University2011-2013 Matt Huber, Syracuse University2009-2011 Yda Schreuder, University of Delaware2005-2009 Scott Jiusto, Worcester Polytechnic Institute2002-2005 Barry Solomon, Michigan Technological University1999-2002 Dmitry Mesyanzhinov, Louisiana State University1996-1999 Mike Pasqualetti, Arizona State University1994-1996 Marilyn Brown, Oak Ridge National Laboratory1992-1994 Jeff Osleeb, Hunter College1990-1992 Susan Macey, Southwest Texas State University1988-1990 Barry Solomon, Energy Information Administration/U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Energy Specialty Group

1986-1988 Marilyn Brown, Oak Ridge National Laboratory1984-1986 Frank Calzonetti, West Virginia University1982-1984 Mike Pasqualetti, Arizona State University1979-1982 Jerry Dobson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Service to Executive Committee (Vice-Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Graduate Student Representative)

Ryan Stock, Northern Michigan UniversityTom Ptak, Texas State UniversityArica Crootof, University of Montana WesternElena Louder, University of ArizonaAdam Gallaher, University of ConnecticutTrey Murphy, University of North CarolinaMarissa Bell, University of BuffaloGabriel Granco,  Cal Poly PomonaConor Harrison,  University of South CarolinaDustin Mulvaney, San Jose State University