Advancing Diversity and Inclusion Award

  • Description: The objective of this award is to advance diversity and promote inclusive spaces and interest in the field of Energy Geography. In recognizing and acknowledging inequities manifest in contemporary social circumstances, particularly academic settings, the Energy and Environment Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers welcomes and encourages submissions from anyone who identifies as a member of a diverse population. We recognize the concept of diversity is broad, complex, and dynamic; and are particularly interested in submissions from traditionally underrepresented populations.

  • Award: $400, which is intended to cover AAG Conference Registration and AAG Membership

  • Criteria: This award seeks to formally recognize those who have made (or are currently making) contributions (broadly defined) to advance diversity and engender inclusivity and interest across the field of Energy Geography. In the nomination statement, it should be clearly articulated how the nominee has advanced diversity and inclusivity within a specific community, or across the broader sub-discipline. If the nominee is not a member of the EESG at the time of application, they will be expected to become an EESG member upon or prior to receipt of the award.

  • Applications and Nominations: To apply for the award, or nominate someone, fill out the below Google Form:

Current Winner:

Yue Guo, Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Past Winners:

2022: Wellington Romão Oliveira, Cearense Meteorology and Water Resources Foundation

2021: Edgar Virguez, Duke University