Board of Advisors

Ryan Stock, PhD

Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Earth, Environmental, & Geological SciencesNorthern Michigan University Email Ryan

Ryan Stock is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences at Northern Michigan University. He is a political ecologist whose work utilizes an intersectional lens to critically examine the production of social difference and resource conflicts in the context of agrarian transformations caused by renewable energy transitions and climate interventions.  As director of the Illume Lab, he maintains a global research program that includes multiple long-term, field-based research projects investigating the following: dispossessions, gender politics and environmental injustices of solar infrastructures; agrarian climate justice, livelihood adaptations and differentiated vulnerability; biopolitics and algorithmic subjectivities of precision agriculture. Ryan is also an environmental and social justice activist, as well as a former Fulbright Scholar and Peace Corps volunteer.

Term: 2022 - 2024