Professional Geographer Award

AAG EESG Guidelines for Professional Geographer Award

At the 2015 EESG business meeting, we voted to modify the Professional Geographer Award selection process. The award will be given based on a review of published papers in peer reviewed journals, which will be nominated for consideration by the EESG community. The winner will give the EESG plenary at the AAG for that academic year and will serve as a judge for the award for at least the next year. This document outlines eligibility, selection criteria and a timeline for the award. 

Candidate Eligibility:

Paper Eligibility: 

Review Criteria:


Nomination Process:

Current Winner:

2024: Alida Cantor, PhD., Portland State University: "Energy Storage and Environmental Justice: A Critical Examination of a Proposed Pumped Hydropower Facility in Goldendale, Washington" Antipode,

Past Winners:

2023: Ankit Kumar, University of Sheffield: "Energy geographies in/of the Anthropocene: Where now?" (2022) Geographic Compass 16(10) e12659

2022: Benjamin Sovacool, University of Sussex Business School: "Dispossessed by decarbonization: Reducing vulnerability, injustice, and inequality in the lived experience of low-carbon pathways." (2021) World Development 137: 105116 

2021: No contest

2020: Michael Simpson, University of St. Andrews: “The Annihilation of Time by Space: Pluri-Temporal Strategies of Capitalist Circulation.” Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space 2, no. 1 (March 2019): 110–28.

2019: Julia Haggerty, University of Montana, and Adrianne Kropesch, Colorado School of Mines: “Geographies of Impact and the Impacts of Geography: Unconventional Oil and Gas in the American West.” The Extractive Industries and Society 5 (4): 619–33.

2018: No Applicants

2017: Mónica Salas Landa, Cornell Unviersity, "Crude residues: The workings of failing oil infrastructures in Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico." Environment and Planning A 48 (4): 718-735.