Earl Cook Award for Best Student Paper

Background: The Earl Cook award has been awarded on annual basis since the establishment of the EESG. The award is named for Earl F. Cook (1920-1983), an American geologist and early leader in developing an integrative approach to assessing energy resource supply and consumption (For Dr. Cleveland's biography of Cook, see: www.eoearth.org/view/article/151450). Cook served as Dean of the College of Geosciences at Texas A&M from 1971 to 1981.

The student award paper provides a cash award of $400 and a plaque to recognize outstanding research scholarship. The cash prize and plaque are awarded during the business meeting of the EESG at the AAG annual meeting.


  • Multi-authored papers are acceptable, but the student must be the lead author of the paper

  • The candidate must be an enrolled graduate student at the time of submission

  • All treatments (theoretical, conceptual, methodological) of energy geography topics are valid

  • The candidate must present the paper at AAG

Review Criteria:

  • Originality

  • Significance of topic

  • Contribution to literature

  • Theoretical contribution

  • Execution (including analysis and clarity of expression)

Submission instructions:

Past Winners:

2021: Carelle Mang-Benza, "Many shades of pink in the energy transition: Seeing women in energy extraction, production, distribution, and consumption", PhD candidate, University of Western Ontario

2020: Danya Al-Saleh, University of Wisconsin, Madison

2019: No Applicants

2018: Meredith DeBoom, University of Colorado at Boulder

2017: Tyler Harland, University of California at Los Angeles

2016: Trey Murphy, Texas A&M University

2015: Thomas Loder, Texas A&M University