• The 2015 AAG meetings in Chicago were very eventful and stimulating. Thanks to all who took part! Jennifer Baka (London School of Economics) was inaugurated as our new chair and Julia Haggerty (Montana State University) as our new secretary/treasurer. Trey Murphy (Texas A&M University) will be serving as outreach coordinator and graduate student representative alongside Thomas Loder (Texas A&M University). Heather Bedi (Dickinson College) and Matthew Fry (University of North Texas) have been elected to the board of directors. Thanks to past-chair Elvin Delgado (Central Washington University), past-secretary/treasurer Dustin Mulvaney (San Jose State University) and past outreach coordinator Carlo Sica (Syracuse University). See you all in San Francisco next March!
  • The EESG is pleased to announce the 2015 winner of the Earl Cook Award for Best Student Paper. The winner was Thomas Loder (Texas A&M University). Thomas' paper was titled: "Spaces of consent/dissent and the making of fracking subjects in North Dakota." Congrats to Thomas!
  • Prof Elvin Delgado received $500K from the President Innovation Fund to establish the Institute for Integrated Energy Studies (I2ES) at Central Washington University. The Institute will have a new interdisciplinary B.S. in Integrated Energy Studies with three specializations: (1) Energy Policy; (2) Energy Management; and (3) Power Systems. In addition, I2ES will fund research teams to develop interdisciplinary initiatives to study energy issues.  Prof Delgado is the co-founder and Director of I2ES.  Congrats to Elvin.
  • The EESG is pleased to announce the 2014 award winner of the Earl Cook Award for Best Student Paper.  The winner was Conor Harrison (University of North Carolina).  Conor’s paper was titled: “Electric Utilities, Finance, and the Natural Barriers to Accumulation.”  Congrats to Conor!
  • The EESG is pleased to announce the 2013 award winner of the Earl Cook award for Best Student Paper was Maya Hutchins at Appalachian State University in the Department of Geography and Planning. Maya's paper was titled, A Statistical Analysis of the Effects of Interpolation Techniques and Resolution on the Aggregation of Power Plant Carbon Dioxide Emissions. Congrats to Maya! 
  • The EESG is excited to announce our second annual plenary lecturer at the AAG in Los Angeles will be Professor Martin J. (Mike) Pasqualetti. The title of his lecture in Los Angeles will be, "The Changing Energy Landscapes of North America."
  • The winner of the 2012 AAG Earl Cook Award for best student paper was Sarah Knuth (UC-Berkeley) for her paper, "Valuing and Financializing Energy-Efficient Real Estate: Shaky Foundations."
  • The winner of the 2012 AAG Daniel B. Luten Award for best paper was Dustin Mulvaney (San Jose State) for his paper, "Prospecting the Solar Frontier: Decarbonization, Sputnik Moments, & the Political Ecology of the Green New Deal." 
  • The first annual Energy and Environment Specialty Group Plenary Lecture was given by Gavin Bridge at the 2012 Annual Meeting in New York City. The title of the talk was "If Not Now, When? Geography, Energy Studies and the Spatialities of Energy Transition" Dr. Bridge is a Reader in Economic Geography at the University of Manchester. 
  • Prof Martin J. (Mike) Pasqualetti delivered an invited lecture at the Royal Geographical Society in London on June 17th 2011 entitled. "The Changing Energy Landscapes of North America." Mike, who is a professor of geography at Arizona State University, presented his paper as part of a lecture series on "The Geographies of Energy Transitions" that has been held in five UK cities over the past year under the sponsorship of the Economic and Social Research Council. Mike also participated in the launch of the Energy Geographies Working Group (EGWG) within the RGS-IBG (Institute of British Geographers). Mike co-founded a similar group in 1979 within the AAG: Energy and Environment Specialty Group.