The Energy and Environment Specialty Group has a listserv hosted by Syracuse University. It allows listserv subscribers to post and receive messages to the group. Anyone is free to sign up.

Instructions for subscribing to the EESG List:

For most lists, open your email program:
Type in the To: box.
Delete the signature line from the body of the email if it is included automatically.
Include the following line in the body of the message:
subscribe EESG_AAG Your name (include the underscore "_" in EESG_AAG and obviously insert your real name)

Do not send this message to the list address ( as this will create a message to the list.

3. You will probably receive a request to confirm your subscription:

Click on the confirmation link in the email- that's all you have to do. Or...
While viewing the confirmation request message, reply to the email.
Delete the signature line if it is included automatically.
Type the following line in the body of the message:
Send the message.

Once you subscribe, you can post to the list simply by emailing: (note that this is NOT the email you send your subscription request to).